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Thursday, August 16, 2012

First grouse 2012...

...being in London, at Koffmann's: where else?

In this year of the glorious thirteenth we were quick off the mark. We enquired whether Koffmann's was stocked with grouses. They were due on the 15th morning from Scotland, and so there we were, ready for lunch service.

We were served their first two grouses of this season (pity they don't have a 'first item sold is free' policy, like in some old shops in Rome).

It was just spectacular. No, really, spectacular. We don't know what they do to it to obtain that wonderful texture in the pink roasted breast and legs. By the way, never forget the kitchen brigade beside the great man (who was still in Scotland that day): an applause for execution.

As you can see, the animal is resting on a slice of bread that is soaking the sticky, flavour-packed innards and the trademark dark lovely jus, that perfect match for the other potent flavours.

Definitely not baby food. This is food that strikes with force at the heart of your gustatory senses, so be prepared if you haven't had it before.

A glimpse at the final treats...the dough of this baba' was remarkable (Man, obviously not content with his La Peche Abusee 2004, would have liked more booze in it though):

 and the same for these superb madeleines, and butter free!!!

Oh come on, you didn't believe that, did you? Of course they are not butter free. Actually they might define the opposite of butter free. Butter freeness is the one thing you definitely cannot ask at Koffman's. But culinary bliss is worth a little sacrifice, every now and then.


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