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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Rifugio Marchetti, Monte Stivo (Rovereto, IT)

We discovered some really good, basic food. It's a bit away from the maddening crowd, though...
Quite a struggle up the mountain in the snow and the wind, but finally, after the ascent from 1200m to over 2000m altitude, we get in sight of our target, nicely protected from the elements just down on the Lake Garda side of Monte Stivo:
the interior could not be more welcoming:
on the menu... polenta with 'Mexican' (i.e. spicy) beans and cheese, or polenta with krauts (which in fact includes three types of pork). Well, let's go for polenta with spicy beans and cheese, and polenta with krauts (and three types of pork).
While waiting for them to arrive, we have time to appreciate the 'mise en place':
Then our meals arrive:

the cheese comes from a 'malga' down the hill, two generous slabs of hard "grana" like cheese, and comforting beans. The three types of pork were sausage, soft salami, and shank.
All quite delicious, the flavours really intense and pure . Great raw materials
(what a difference with the Sardo sausage last week!)
We washed it down with a half a litre jug of unspecified but very drinkable red and half a litre of water. All in all it came to €25: what a bargain, pity (or maybe not) that you have to work your socks off quite a bit to get there!

Well now, after this energetic lunch: a quick look at our detailed map, and we are ready for the next five miles

As it happens, we took the wrong way down and then we had to climb back up to Passo Bordala, where our car was parked. All in all, more than 1000m of ascent for the day: we decided that the next day we would treat ourselves well: more on this story later...


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