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Thursday, October 25, 2007

fanatical about bread...

Ok, you may wonder why we in our reviews we keep going on and on and on about bread baskets: well, as you imagine it is not the basket itself that we have a problem with, but with the quality, amount, and variety of their content. And to accommodate a decent selection, you need a good basket.

As you see, at home indeed we have no decent basket, so we have to adapt a colander:

but decent bread, we have. Up there you see a selection of plain and sesame rolls, either white or wholewheat, and olive grissini twist, either white or wholewheat. And if you are not a rolls type, then let us go for a loaf: a white one

or a rustic one with durum wheat:

or a rye one:

Now this is not a recipe blog, nor a “here-we-go-bragging-about-how-good-we-are-in-the-kitchen” blog. Our point is simply this: if this is what we, not particularly apt at the stove, can do at home, surely fine Italian dining establishments must be able to do something at least comparable with their professional ovens.

Those who do not, beware...we will feel compelled to shame you!

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