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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Four brothers

While waiting for our next review, may we introduce you to four nice brothers – their names are:





They are the four ‘superiore’ expressions of the Valtellina DOC wine. Their red blood is noble: they are made of Nebbiolo grapes (at least 95%), which is is known as Chiavennasca in the Valtellina region of Italy where they are made. The names come from rigidly defined geographical areas around the Adda river, near the northern border of Italy with Switzerland. Ruby red, delicate and peculiar perfume (fruit, barn and forest soil), dry, acidic and tannic, this is an austere yet easy to drink wine that goes well with food, but we also find it a great accompaniment for stupid programs on TV.

We bought the four bottles you see for around €5 each on a special offer at the supermarket: excellent value – with all the expensive restaurants we go to, we’ve got to save somewhere!


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