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Thursday, March 29, 2007

A town fair

March 19th is dedicated to St. Joseph, and in Italy this day is celebrated as father’s day. A day for celebrations, and a good excuse to eat something good. In Trento the Agricultural fair doubles up as the Fiera di San Giuseppe (St. Joseph's Fair), an extra street market day, where no nooks or crannies capable of hosting a stall are left empty. You can find all sorts of goods, but here we want to give you just a little sample of, well you guessed it, the wide array of foods on offer.

To begin with, the weary shopper can try and regain some energy with some carne salada (a local type of cured meat).

But if it is boar salamis you are after, it is worth stopping here.

And how about cheese?

A nice stall with an impressive array of dried fruit of all sorts:

And after fruit, pudding, of course!


More torrone: though it is not Christmas, it looks like it is always a good time

And how about finishing it all off with a sample of Sicilian desserts?

Strolling away, we just have the time to bump into somebody who had one too many



Anonymous said...

Hi, I just followed the link from the comment you left in the blog of Stefano Bonilli.
This is a very nice and intresting blog; again,thanks a million for having shown the links to the articles on precautionary principle and the studies on BSE aetiology


Man-Woman said...

Thanks Roberto.

The links in question may be of interest to UK readers interested in food safety. One is from the government and concerns the

precautionary principle

while the other concerns the prion mechanism in the transmission of vCJD (it's a skeptical view)

We also mention the (English version of the) food site from which Roberto took the links:


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