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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bocca di Lupo: good news for ice-cream lovers

Love ice cream but are worried about the consequences for your waist line? We have some good news for you...

In our recent post on Bocca di Lupo, we commented on their gelati that 'The ice-creams were of the rich, fat variety, which we like less than the leaner one, but very smooth and gratifying on the palate'.

Well, we have now discovered with pleasure (from the horse's mouth) the we were completely wrong on fatness (but not on goodness!).

Their gelato base is only 7% fat! This is about as low as you can get (by comparison, we believe Haagen Dazs vanilla is a whopping 18%.)

The total fat content of course will vary according to the flavour. For example, other things being equal, chestnut is lower fat than the base while pistachio and hazelnut are slightly higher.

The chef conjectures that 'the perceived richness [of the gelato at Bocca di Lupo] comes from the lack of air in the ice cream (we take extreme measures to reduce over-run and obtain a dense product'. And we now recall the room manager mentioning to us, during our dinner, the rare machinery used in the kitchen to produce the gelato.

We are happy to have learned something - and even about a topic we thought we knew inside out...This is the spirit in which we write this blog, offering what we hope are constructive criticism, but always open to gaining knowledge from the true professionals.


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