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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Budapest's market

Here we come to Budapest's central market! Very high ceiling in this impressive building - pity we forgot to take a picture of the exterior, but the interior is rather grand, too:

You will find many types of fruits and vegetables, but above all a very impressive, multicoloured array of all sorts of of peppers:

of the fresh as well as the dried variety:

Meat, however, rules here:

A lot of innards (warning: from now on this post will be become ever more gruesome...), here is some tripe:

as well as a great deal of cooked and cured meats: we skip the more usual salami, but have a look at these:

Ah, and where did we see those chaps before?

maybe you'll recognise them close up (turn away now if you are of a squeamish disposition)

or after they have been cooked (can you spot the snout?):

Sorry, no fish in Budapest central market.


1 comment:

Vanda said...

I love old world markets. I was back in Budapest some years ago, and also took some market pictures: . The central market is really impressive, but for mood and texture I really like the small markets that are all over the city.

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