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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Dutch love their cheese!

With only a few hours at your disposal, how do you gauge the general gastronomic level of a city?

Of course, by peeping into the markets and delicatessen shops.

This is exactly what we did in Amsterdam, while strolling around from a canal to the next. Contrary to expectations, we were not much impressed by the breads (maybe we were just unlucky), but the cheeses...the cheeses were another story. Let's take a look in here, for example:

Hi, we are two cholesterol conscious saddos and we are not going to buy anything, but could we please take pictures of your beautiful products?
Thank you very much.
Oh, yes:

Plenty of varieties and a joyful display, with fantastic chromatic richness:

Dutch cheeses but not only Dutch:

Cheeses and more:
And more, even with a 'mediterranean' slant:

During our walk we encountered several other equally appealing delicatessen shops, equally well stocked with cheeses. The good Amsterdam people seem to have it quite better than in London, where the density of good delicatessen is much lower.


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