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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Don't they like their food in Bologna...

Bologna is arguably the Italian capital of handmade filled pasta (OK, from now on we'll need to overcome the groans of discontent of readers from other Italian regions...). Here you can find whole troops (even though thinning out) of "nonne" working their rolling pins to produce acres and acres of perfectly thin pasta for tortellini, ravioli, tagliatelle... you name them, they do them. And for starred restaurants, too! Here we show you a selection from the windows of Atti, a real institution of a shop in the heart of historical Bologna:
and here a closeup of passatelli (remember? We had them at "Il Sole")

But of course here you find tortellini by the wagon load everywhere: don't you feel like diving in?

And Bologna wouldn't be Bologna without its fair share of cheeses and hams...You find this plenty at every corner:

as well as their proud owners!
Back to Atti, there you can also find all manner of goodies to soothe your sweet tooth. Various "paste":

as well as other cakes:

including the traditional Christmas 'Certosino (panspeziale)':
(The sign says they make it since 125 years ago).
Each region has its own variation of these sweet meats of nuts, chocolate, dried and candied fruits. But in case you go through Bologna and wish to pay a visit, this is the sign you should look for to acquaint yourselves with the local produce:

But one word of warning in case you decide to buy rather than just look around: not everything is traditional at Atti. We advise you to read the labels with the ingredients very carefully. For example, we did not buy our panspeziale there; we are most allergic to the letter 'E', especially in sweets that were invented to last for quite some time on the strength of their natural ingredients...


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