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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sauc (Barcelona)

In our recent Barcelona stay we had two starred experiences, one in Alkimia which you have seen, and the other at Sauc. We were in very pleasant company at the latter, engrossed in conversation. Our abilities for divided attention are limited, so this time just a half-review, basically some thoughts for food from memory and brief notes. It means we'll need to go back...

The restaurant strikes us as less formal than Alkimia, both in accueil and in decor, a stark but warm refuge tucked away in a narrow street in the Eixample.

Near the beginning of the meal, this

Poached egg, onion soup and cheese

was refined, delicate, tasty.

And the sweet iodine crustacean married the earthy beans divinely in this

White beans (mugetes) of Santa Pau & Langoustines

Very nicely moist, too.

If this was good, we moved to magic with

Corvina, Tenderwheat, Foam of Sea Urchin

Childhood reminiscences of sea-urchins picked and eaten raw...a fish still redolent of the sea, what an intelligent dish, combining
so ideally , once again, countryside and sea in the best Spanish tradition.

After an apt fresh, intensely 'basily' melon granite, this rich and inventive

Mucovado cake, coffee mascarpone and red sweet potato

concludes a splendid meal and a marvellous evening. It's nice eating well with friends.

This experience beat Alkimia in class and consistency. Yes: we will be back.

PS: this tasting menu, which included also several other nibbles, cost €52 per person.



Unknown said...

Fantastic photos - I love the look and sound of the poached egg soup

Thomas said...

Wow that see urchin and poched egg soups look delicious.

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