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Monday, March 24, 2008

Ca dei Frati 2008

Like last year, we made our pilgrimage to the wine makers at Ca dei Frati to stock up on the new release of Ronchedone (vintage 2005). We found a few changes. While the old vines are still reassuringly there

many more iron totems for Man to adore are in the hangar:

(inside them, presumably, a lot of the better known white Lugana beside the red Ronchedone), the environment architecturally impressive, with huge stained glass windows (this really feels like a place for veneration):
complementing the old frescos you can spot on the outside of the building:
This time we took a tour of the cellar
...and walking along the barriques...walking...this is what you find, a metaphor for the power of ageing:
It was a beautiful winter drive around Garda. And the next stop after Ca dei Frati... obviously, the newly and deservedly Michelin starred L'Ortica, where we had a fantastic and unphotographed Tagliatelle with sweetbreads and artichokes, a classic for Romans but an audacious proposal by Chef Zanotti on the ethereal shores of Garda.


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