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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Apples in the Val di Non

Val di Non: a beautiful valley winding uphills towards the North, along the Noce river, struggling against the majestic Brenta Dolomites, making its way up from the Piana Rotaliana (home of Teroldego: more on this story later...) to the Passo Mendola. A beauty spot. For us, the way towards a restaurant (more on this story, too, later...). But above all, the kingdom of the apple.
Here apples are D.O.P. (Denominazione di origine protetta, protected area of denomination). They are and have been very serious business: wherever you look, if it is not a vineyeard, there is an orchard after another. And beautiful trees these are, contorted, suffering, powerfully beautiful:

But these shapes are not by chance:

As you see, these trees are just now beginning to spring back to life: so, should you not start wondering about where the apples you buy now in the supermarket come from



Anonymous said...

Apples (not yet well ripened) are harvested in september and october and then stored in a large refrigerator (4°C).
In this they are sold throughout all the year.
I lived in Trento for two years and I remember the beautiful cycle lane between the apple-tree fields and mountains.

/maybe it's better if I write in italian ;-)

Man-Woman said...

grazie per le info Sdonk ;-)

and your English is just fine - plus, who are we to say, anyway!

Anonymous said...

Errata corrige
I gradi non sono 4 ma meno di 4 (circa 0-1).

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