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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Maisha (St Andrews): Coming crashing down to earth

(Visited March 2012)

After a great sequence of seafood eats (here, here, here and here), we felt we had enough in the bag that we could risk it, and enter this Indian eatery offering some suspiciously low priced set menus, and specialising in seafood, that we had passed and ignored many times in a little St Andrews alley.

It wasn't grotesquely bad. 

While the initial chutneys were a little tired, we had some edible fish dishes. Even if definitely far from exciting, at least they were original, reflecting local influence: it's not so usual to find haddock tandoori

and crab curry

on an Indian restaurant menu.

A spinach and a cauliflower bhaji were extremely greasy but overall well above acceptable.So was the rice.

Service was polite and efficient and the price (around the £50 mark with two beers for what you've seen) is adequate for the quality, while nobody could ever complain about the quantity.


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