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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Harvey Nichols 4th floor chocolate counter, Edinburgh

Everything looked so appealing at first...

A sushi-style belt for sweets and bubblies, what a nice idea.

There's an upmarket feel about this place, sitting on the fourth floor of the Edinburgh Harvey Nichols store on Princes Street.

(you can't actually pick the items by yourself like in a sushi place - here they are for display only).

And a nice view of Edinburgh tops outside, beyond the adjacent Harvey Nichols Restaurant.

Then we notice that the chocolate and pear cake is not made inhouse but by... Bindi? We mean, Bindi, really? Bindi the brand of the "granny's tart" that you find in any bar in Italy? Of the run of the mill tiramisu that any cheap Italian trattoria is sure to have in their display fridge next to the bar counter? That Bindi? In Harvey Nichols Chocolate Lounge? Ooooh, very disappointing.*

We scale down expectations and orders. And yet this ice-cream

is even worse than our revised expectations. Sickeningly sweet chocolate, artificial flavour. We have to leave part of it - a very rare event for us.

And the better part of this chocolate paste were the industrially made bagels

OK, done it, been there, now we now it: good bye. We regret not having had desserts at the excellent Ondine, where we had lunched on the same day.

*Woman really couldn't get over the sight of a Bindi cake, so she did a little bit of research. Bindi is now a huge company, exporting all over the world, to what looks like a massive market. It sells itself as a high quality patissiere, but the childhood memories are such that we cannot bring ourselves to try it - mind you, it is not positively bad, it is just your totally ordinary run of the mill mass market dessert stuff. We would have been prepared to try it again, if only we had managed to locate some ingredient list, but alas searching high and low we haven't been able to find it for any of its huge list of products. Quite a different approach from that of these guys...


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