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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Trento December Pilgrimage number 2

Second installment of our Trento Pilgrimage series, before the grand finale...

Right on the main square across the cathedral, we continue our pilgirmage by ignoring the cathedral, and turning our attention instead, for a light meal, to one of the best value sanctuaries for the gastronome, the 'upper' informal section of the starred and deeply buried Lo Scrigno.

One is tempted by various types of cheeses and 'salumi', but we opt for some more proper dishes.

Puntarelle with seared tuna for example:

fresh and delicious.

And in this salmon strudel

there is true inspiration. An admirable little dish, with that cabbage inside the croute offering perfect moisture and concentrating the flavour.

We absolutely adore horses:

Well, what can we do: we loved it!

This an operation of great intelligence, with fresh, simple and precise cuisine at good prices (remembering you are at a starred establishment in a most central location), in a pleasant, relaxed environment. Last but not least, oh no, not least, the by-the-glass wine list is stonking value, too.



Anonymous said...

I loved the food here both times I went -- once by myself for lunch and the other with 17 cyclists (who HAD showered) for dinner. The food was remarkable: fresh, lively, all dazzly and just outright good.

But the service was frigid on visit one and, while much better on visit #2, it seemed almost too professional and distant for my "more-raucous" needs. I would go here again absolutely, but .... but, well, nothing. I've said what I needed to say.

(First visit was on the beautiful outside patio, a meal tarnished by a next table full of five smokers just a few feet away. I'm not a prude, or an anti-smoking terrorist, but it definitely affected the flavors of the food. My mistake, I suppose, for not finding the fire extinguisher!)

Man-Woman said...

We know exactly what you mean, we have also experienced the 'frigid' treatment! For some staff it's that sullenness/introversion one sometimes finds among Trentino people (who luckily also come in the Menestrina/Miori variety). For others, it can't be that as they aren't even Italian.
And re. smoke, yes nowadays in Italy it's less risky to sit indoors than outdoors - we are also very disturbed by smoke.

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