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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

When All Is Said and Done...

We like going to fine dining restaurants.

And yet ...and yet... we confess we get as much sheer eating pleasure, sometimes, in those simpler places with no pretense of fine dining but which offer you good materials traditionally prepared.

This is true in Italy, of course, where we are familiar with the tradition of the cuisine, and where simple food full of flavour is a staple. But also elsewhere, we more or less always discover something in this vein. When in Chicago
our favourite local when when we were not in our fine dining mode (see Naha and Boka) was in the nearby historical (and university) village of Evanston. The Little Mexican Cafe', where your guacamole is prepared on the spot by a skillful lady

who asks you what you want in your guacamole, and the correct answer is 'everything' (tomato, onion, garlic, cilantro -fresh coriander-, lime juice, jalapeno peppers).
Basic, delicious and beautiful:

Why is it impossible to find such good Mexicans in London? This shows that maybe even these things aren't as basic as they look; that you need balance (e.g. to find the right proportion of lime to avocado) and good quality materials.
We went there almost every day, and we exhausted their avocado stocks.

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