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Monday, July 14, 2008

Apples in Val di Non, part II (Summer)

The early Summer is hot in the Val di Non (Non valley)

Remember last year, when roaming in the Val di Non in Winter we admired the tortuous shapes of the naked apple trees that fill this area?

What a different spectacle now:

Luscious, green, bursting with life,

the valley is only a few months away from the next picking. Apple trees, apple trees, apple trees all around, on the steeply sloping hills

The whole valley a giant appleyard barely interrupted by the road

The apples are already there but still small, an acerbic, still unconsumable temptation

These apples are DOP (protected denomination of origin), and the Melinda consortium - founded in 1989 to guarantee the quality and provenance of the Val di Non apples (before then, there were 3 times as many apples allegedly from the valley as the real production!)-, the Melinda consortium, we were saying,

(fees for this ad gratefully received by cheque) will distribute them to your local supplier – can’t wait for those juicy, sweet, tasty jewels!

Well...actually they have never ceased to be, and still are, available in the supermarkets: do you really mean to tell us, dear retailers, that you have stored the apples for all these months?! Naaah.


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