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Sunday, June 15, 2008

probably the best fruit and veggie stall in Trento...

We always sing the praises of our favourite restaurants, but what about the stuff we buy everyday for our home meals?
Though never quite as depressing as in Tesco or Sainsbury's when in London, shopping for fruits and vegs in the supermarket in Trento is not too cheering, either (especially compared to further down South).
So it is fair to also pay tribute to a professional in the food trade who stands above the crowd and also contributes to our gastronomic happiness. This post is thus just an unashamed plug for our favourite grocer in Trento, Giuseppe, holder of a stall

at the Thursday city market which fills streets and streets (and holder of other stalls, one a day, in several other local markets).

(you can see it was still asparagus season when we took the picture above, green and of course white, with Zambana and Romagnano the famous local white variety producing areas).
Nothing too exotic, nothing spectacularly abundant, but a great range for such a small stall

and simply oustanding freshness, quality and service. What does service mean in a market stall, you ask? It means, for example, that if he gives you stuff that turns out to be poor (not even he can be inside the fruits), he'll happily replace the offending pieces, on your word, next time. We never had to avail ourselves of the offer, anyway!

If you want good fruit and vegs in Trento, go to Giuseppe in the Via Giovanni Prati Thursday market section. He's not cheap, but he's cheaper for example than, and (
in our experience) has beaten on quality, the superfancy superdupa supershop in the main square.

And, watch ladies, he is not bad looking either:

This is a small world (well, Trento certainly is): we found out that he is not unconnected to one particular member of the Menestrina family at our beloved Fior di Roccia...and that his vegetables also feature there!

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