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Saturday, June 2, 2007

Salt cod at Latium

In our last short trip home to London last week we tried Trenta as you know: but could we fail to stop by at Latium? Of course not.

Among the usual spectacular dishes, we liked an off-menu welcome by sous-chef Massimo (the boss Maurizio being off duty that night):

Salt cod in a tomato broth, garnished with nuts and raisins.

The chef can trust that the kitchen is in good hands when he is away...



gianpaolo said...

I had a dinner a Latium a couple or three years ago. They had just opened. I remember that the food was pretty good, but the wine list wasn't exceptional, for the place. Is it changed in that respect?

Man-Woman said...

Hi Giampaolo,

the judgement on the wine list must be relative to the situation in London.

As in all other places in London, they have margins of 300%-400% on wines, much much higher than in Italy. So, for any given budget, this limits a lot the wine experience you can have, compared to what one is used to in Italy.

But given this, we find the wine list at Latium among the most interesting in London, with many 'less obvious' choices.

Sure, for our Morellino we'd prefer to select and stock up in Maremma...


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